Places You Can Use E-Cigs

The electronic cigarette is a break through new technology that appeals to smokers on many levels. Beyond the health benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes, it also provides many social benefits. How many times have you had to interrupt your life to go outside and smoke a cigarette? With so many places prohibiting smoking indoors, it can make life difficult for a nicotine addict. That is why the ecig is a great choice. You can use the ecig in a lot of places because it is completely harmless to those around you.

There is no second hand smoke to put others at risk and there is no smell to offend your coworkers, friends, and family.

You can use electronic cigarettes in any restaurant. By law, many public places have become nonsmoking establishments, but since the ecig involves no actual smoke, it is completely legal in these establishments. It is still a good idea for the smoker to speak with the manager briefly before turning on the ecig just so there is no confusion. Sometimes waiters can confuse the ecig for a tobacco cig (they do look like!) and immediately ask a customer to put it out or leave. By explaining the ecig technology first, it can cut down on the hassle over time.

Ecigs can also be used in the workplace. When you are alone in your office, you can get a quick shot of nicotine with the ecig and no one will ever know! There is no smell to give you away and the vapor quickly dissipates leaving no haze of smoke or odor to tell you secret. If you are looking for a way to continue enjoying your cigarettes in a variety of locations, the ecig is the way to go. You can smoke electronic cigarettes anywhere!

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Are Electronic Cigarettes Bad For You

The use of electronic cigarettes as a way of reducing or even eliminating your dependence on tobacco has become more and more popular over the last few years. E-cigarettes provide a much safer alternative to tobacco products but how safe are they? Are electronic cigarettes bad for you? If you have been thinking about making the switch to e-cigarettes there are a few things you should consider before you do.

E-cigarettes contain nicotine just like tobacco cigarettes which is the primary addictive substance found in tobacco. This makes e-cigarettes almost as addictive as regular tobacco products. While it’s true that you can get e-liquid that contains varying amounts of nicotine and even nicotine free e-liquid, most e-cigarettes use at least some amount of nicotine which will keep your body dependent on the substance.

One of the biggest selling points for e-cigarettes is the fact that the vapor contains far less harmful substances than tobacco smoke. While this is true, e-cigarettes aren’t free from potentially harmful chemicals in the vapors. Some studies have even found tin, copper and nickel in the e-liquid which are known to be harmful when inhaled.

So are electronic cigarettes bad for you? The truth is no one knows for sure. Only very limited research has been done to determine what the effects of e-cigarette use is. Many of these studies are currently being performed but their results won’t be released for some time. Until then, the consensus remains that e-cigarettes are a far better alternative to smoking but not as good as quitting entirely.

If you are a tobacco smoker, switching to e-cigarettes is most definitely the healthier option for you to choose. But, when you use e-cigarettes, you will still be inhaling some substances that are known to be harmful although there are far less of these substances found in e-cigarettes versus tobacco cigarettes. More research must be done in order to truly discover what the long-term effects of e-cigarette use are but when you compare it to the alternative, they are far safer.

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Read These Facts Before You Buy Your Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

So you are switching from smoking tobacco to “vaping” electric cigarettes? Good Choice! And let me say Thank you on behalf of all those who will no longer have to inhale your 2nd hand smoke. I am sure neither you nor your friends and family will miss the filthy ashtrays and cigarette butts, or having everything smell like ashtrays and cigarette butts.

It’s all pretty exciting, really. Congratulations, you have made a big decision.

Before you act on that decision by rushing off to buy your kit, there are a few more things you should know. You have a Lot of choices. First you might want to think about what size you want to get. Using a size you find comfortable is important to your enjoyment.

You can find smokeless cigarettes in a wide variety of sizes. The most popular sizes are those that come closest to cigarette sizes. There are no standardized sizes or name of sizes. It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. It can get a little confusing. For instance, what they might call “Mini” Ecigs, are probably the closest in size to a standard American tobacco cig. You’ll also come across “Super cigs” (Bigger) and “Super minis”(the smallest).

When thinking about size, remember there is more to size, than just well, size. The smaller e-cigs are likely to have shorter battery life and a weaker vapor. The largest ones likely to have the strongest vapor and longest battery life.
In considering which smokeless cigarette kit you’ll buy, remember to check out the sizes they offer. Don’t forget flavors. If you are a die hard menthol smoker, you’ll want to be certain that they have menthol cartridges available for the e-cig you choose. Different manufacturers have different varieties of flavors available. Check the variety before purchasing in case you feel like branching out later on.

One last note to remember as you sort through all the ads for your very own smokeless nicotine delivery system:
Not all e-cigarettes are created equal. Some are prone to clogged atomizers ( a real pain in the neck). Others have terribly short battery life. Unfortunately there are many companies selling e-cigs that are simply poorly engineered, and manufactured on the cheap. The best you can do to avoid these problems is keep reading up, as you are doing.

Fortunately there are a handful of reputable companies with top of the line electronic cigarettes that will give you a satisfying “smoking” experience without all the hassles.

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